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About HMEC

HMEC has a history more than 30 years specialized in supplying all kinds of Bearings & Bearing Accessories, Wheel Hub Assemblies and other Power Transmission Parts, as well as Automobile Alternators, Starters also their components and other Automobile Electrical Parts etc.

Since its first foundation in 1978, HMEC has devoted itself to supply the first class quality Chinese bearings to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

At the 1980s, HMEC played a very important role in executing the government trade agreements to supply Chinese bearings to many Eastern Europe countries, such as the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia.

In the middle of 1990s, HMEC has expanded the businesses to produce and export bearings & other mechanical power transmission parts to West Europe, the whole Asia and America after markets. And began to supply high quality, low noise EMQ bearings to some famous OEM users.

Till the end of 20th Century, HMEC has engaged most parts of Power Transmission such as Chain, Sproket, Collar, Coupling etc.

From 2000 on, HMEC built another division of Auto Parts and plays well in supplying the Automotive Bearings, Alternators, Starters and motor components. Now it's covered to most automotive electrical products. And HMEC's service is valued by some top brands in Europe and North America.

Meanwhile with strong know-

how of Chinese industries, HMEC's independent commercial team is also helping key customers in many other China made sourcing solutions such as light industrial products, printing & packing, logistics services etc.

Through over 30 years' development, HMEC has became one of the most important Chinese mechanical & electrical products suppliers.

And now HMEC® products are standing for creative application solutions as well as excellent engineering and production expertise to the customers.

HMEC's Business License since 21st AUG 2003
HMEC's Registered Trade Mark Certification
HMEC's Registered Trade Mark Certification since 14th FEB 2008
HMEC has been certified by TUV ISO 9001:2000 standard since Dec.14,2004.
HMEC's TUV ISO 9001:2000 standard certification since 14th DEC 2004

HMEC's Quality Control, Technical Data, Manufacturing & Devices.

HMEC's Brands & Product Lines:


Bearing & Transmission
Auto Parts
Slew Ring & Slew Drive
Chain, Sproket, Gear etc.

And HMEC is also doing OEM quite well.

HMEC's History

1978, Hunan Mechanical & Electrical Corp. (HMEC) which as a subsidiary of China Machinery Engineering Corp. (CMEC) was originally set up in Changsha, Hunan, China.
2001, HMEC moved to Pudong Shanghai, in order to provide a better service to the international customers.
2003, HMEC reformed from state-own to private and changed the company name to HMEC Power Transmission Co., Ltd.
2007, as more and more businesses developing required, a new company focusing on manufacturing, HAN MECHANIKA LIMITED was established.
2009, the new holding head-quarter HMEC (CHINA) CORP. was intergraded for all HMEC enterprises and businesses.

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